Blasthole Dewatering Systems  (BDS)   came into existence in Malta

Montana.  Paul Kunze, along with his wife Fran, have been building

and marketing this reliable blasting accessory from there since 1992. 

They share a background in heavy construction that for Paul goes back to when he started work as a powderman helper in the late 50s.  His career as an end user of explosives has spanned more than 50 years. He has been involved with the international Society of Explosives Engineers (ISEE) for decades and served more that a dozen years on their Board of directors and two years as their President.  He has managed mining, quarrying, and road construction drilling and blasting operations across the Pacific Northwest, Hawaii and Alaska.  He encountered lots of wet holes through the years and has tried everything that was available to mitigate the problems.  This dewatering pump saved him and his employers many thousands of dollars through the years.  He started BDS to supply the pump because he's certain that using this system will be beneficial to anybody spending extra money on wet holes.  During the last few years he has been busy consulting and doing blast design work for highway contractors around the Western US.

  E-mail:   Ph: 406 654 1727

P O Box 1160  Malta, MT 59538     USA

Dewatering on road job.


High cuts in roadway widening in Western Montana

Some blasting videos as consultant

Some close in freeway interchange work in Southern Idaho