The BDS Pump is a unique de­vice that us­es low pres­sure, low volume com­pressed air to effi­cient­ly re­move water from blastholes. The as­sem­bly con­sists of:  1. a stain­less steel pump body, 2. an ex­pand­able and re­place­able rub­ber sleeve, 3. a discharge hose, 4. an in­take hose with, 5. a stain­less steel tube screen, 6.  air sup­ply hose, 7.  pressure reg­u­la­tor, 8. an oper­at­ing valve, and 9. assort­ed fit­tings. A braided stainless cable is included to facilitate retrieval from a tight hole.



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Customers report that sleeve life varies as ground conditions change.  Some operators who are working in good homogenous material, (like massive granite), can get hundreds of holes pumped before a sleeve fails.  If the holes are ragged with lots of sharp edges, sleeves will fail quicker.

The pump works  fine in all rock conditions except for when the holes are extremely ragged.  A good rule of thumb is: if you get cuttings return easily when drilling, you are drilling a good round hole.  If you are creating cuttings that are so big you can't lift them normally,  you are probably drilling a hole with very ragged walls and the pump might not work as well in that situation.

The replaceable rubber sleeves are the only wear item.  The system is not affected by dirty water or cuttings. The sleeves are subject to normal wear when they rub against the borehole wall as the pump is inserted and withdrawn from multiple holes. The rough inner walls of the drill hole eventually abrade enough of the rubber surface that the sleeve eventually fails. Each new pump is supplied with three sleeves and replacement sleeves are always available.

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