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Using the pump is easy,   Here's what you need to do to get going

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Connect the regulator/valve assembly  to the two lug connector on the hose from the compressor and the quick connect hose fitting to the pump air hose.

Clear any loose debris from around the hole collar. Since you're lowering a device down the hole which can get stuck if some loose rock should fall in above it, it makes good sense to inspect the  collars and to be sure they're tight. If they're not, use the collar saver tube that was furnished with the pump. This will prevent the pump or the hoses from dislodging or pulling loose material into the hole.           

When you're ready to pump, lower the entire assembly into the hole until you either reach the bottom with the intake tube, or until the sleeve reaches the top of the water. Pull up on the hoses slightly to insure that they are not kinked right above the pump or that the intake screen is not buried in the cuttings. Stand away from the top of the hole and open the valve. Keep some slight tension on the hoses as the water rushes up and fills the discharge line. The water will discharge forcibly from the open end of the discharge hose within a couple of seconds. Be sure to hold that end, or secure it in some manner to prevent it from whipping.  The sleeve is inflated and is being held against the outer wall of the borehole by the pressure inside of it.  The compressed air is forcing the water into the easiest route to the surface. (your intake line) When all the water is forced from that section up and out through the  discharge line, you will feel the discharge hose vibrate in your hand as the last of the water and the front of the air passes through the hose. Watch the discharge and as soon as the burst of air blows from that end, close the air valve. 

After you feel the sleeve relax, and the pump is loose in the hole, you can move the device and repeat the process if necessary. If you hadn't reached the bottom of the hole with the lower end of the intake tube, you can lower the pump assembly further into the hole until it  reaches bottom, or until the sleeve again reaches the water. Take up the slack in the hoses, move clear of the hole, and proceed as above.  Continue the procedure until you have pumped with the intake tube positioned at the hole bottom. The entire pumping sequence will take less than thirty seconds.  When you're finished, withdraw the assembly from the hole, Then prime and load  right away, because the water in the formation will start moving back in as soon as you remove the pump.